Romeo United Methodist Church
Monday, August 10, 2020

An open letter to the men of Romeo United Methodist Church.

The newly chartered Romeo United Methodist Men’s group would like to invite all men to participate in the Romeo United Methodist Men’s Group.  All men of Romeo United Methodist Church are already members. 

The United Methodist Men of the United Methodist Church have a long history of support and ministry to the needs of men and service to the church and community.

The General Commission of United Methodist Men and the local groups are working with and partnering with a number of organizations that support the hungry, youth groups, those in need, Scouting, and general ministry to those who need to know the “Good News”.  In addition the group provides fellowship and entertainment activities. Men ministering to men.

The Romeo UMM has three main objectives:  Fellowship, Service, and Spiritual Growth.  Our meetings are organized around these three objectives.

Please come take a look at what we are doing.  Everyone is welcome!

Currently we meet twice a month.  We meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. Announcements of specific dates are shown in the bulletin and during Sunday’s announcements.

We enjoy planning and getting together for service projects for the church as well as the community.  We look for opportunities for spiritual growth through faith lessons, bible study, and inspirational stories.  We as a group also enjoy planning fellowship and entertainment events.

We are in the forming stage and would love to see more men getting involved and contribute toward the success of this group and fulfillment of our United Methodist mission.

Please feel free to contact anyone of the following for more insight on Romeo UMM:

Pastor Trevor, Kenn Koss, John Wiers, Dave Beskin, Bob Nicol, Larry Back, or Bob Stoner. 


Respectfully submitted by:  Kenneth Koss