Romeo United Methodist Church
Sunday, July 15, 2018

D.E.L.T.A. Missions

We believe in missions...whether its local, national, or international. Throughout the year we teach on the importance of giving and sharing The Gospel. We also teach that in many circumstances our actions speak loader than words, so using our hands and hearts to share the love of Jesus Christ is so important. But just as we are teaching, our words are even more impactful when we get out there are do something with them!

We are involved in missions on all three of these geographical levels….



We support many local missions through our church. Two in particular that we work with on a regular basis is Samaritan House (Washington Twp, MI). Samaritan House provides support for local families in the area of food/household supplies, housing/utilities support, tax counseling, religious counseling, clothing distribution, and more. We work with Samaritan House throughout the year with Fundraising Walks, food drives, delivering food to the elderly, collecting mittens and hats, and also supporting their Christmas “Sharing Tree” ministry which provides gifts for local families.



We also work with our own church’s local mission of His Table. This ministry happens every Tuesday evening from 5:30-7:00pm. Anyone from the local community is provided a hot meal, no questions asked. Multiple churches and other organizations in the area take turns sponsoring the meal each week. At least once a year D.E.L.T.A. sponsors the meal through planning the food, getting donations, cooking, serving, and cleaning up on our designated Tuesday. We also help when needed, as we are the host church, to do set-up and take-down of tables and such when needed.




Every two years, our goal is to serve within the United States on a mission trip. In July of 2014, we took a team of 4 youth to New Orleans, LA. We met up with many other youth/leaders from around the country as we formed a team of 60 to serve the local community for one week ( We served in a variety of ways but most of our experience focused around relational ministry. We sat and talked with those impacted by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. We worked alongside mentally handicapped as they taught us their daily jobs at their worksites and shared their stories. We helped provide food distribution to local food banks. We also had an opportunity to visit the 9th Ward and see the rebuilding process almost a decade later. This was a life changing experience for our youth as all of them had never been on a mission trip before. They learned about a new culture, were encouraged by fellow youth that they are not alone in this generation for having a love for Jesus Christ, and learned how to serve God through their talents and just having a listening ear.




We are looking forward to our Summer 2016 Trip to New York City, NY!




We reach around the world through the help of Compassion International. Each week during our Wednesday night meetings we collect an offering for our adopted Guatemalan child, Sirian. Our youth are challenged by their monthly commitment of $40 to support her so that she can have daily food, health check-ups, go to school, and have the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ. They also have the opportunity to write letters to Sirian and continue to learn about the Guatemalan lifestyle through her return letters.

Sponsoring a child from an underprivileged country has opened our youth’s eyes to a different way of life and helped them see their life here in the United States differently. It has also been a great experience to have someone to pray for and encourage in the faith through letters, even though we may never meet each other in this life. Compassion International also does a great job of providing information on the local country, lifestyle, and issues facing those that live there. This all helps in painting a big picture of how $40 a month impacts one person in so many ways.